Dennis “Moneybags” de Boer aka Oil Rig


How long have you worked at Oskar Blues?
1 REEB, 4 months

And what do you do here?

Words with friends, temple run 1&2, setting my fantasy team line ups, jumping jack contests with patrons, farting contests with coworkers, peanut eating contests with Tim's dog, brainstorming on new contests, cash checks and break necks. If i have any free time from the aforementioned activities ill hop on deck and make a brew or 2.

How about when you're not working?

Arm wrestling tournaments at the Cheyenne Flying J, fruit boot, play pocket pool, ride REEB which is fucking awesome, ride my stupid snowboard, run up stupid mountains or on stupider trails, put back a few cold ones.

Music. Who's your favorite band?
Its a toss up between Whitesnake and New Kids on the Block

How about your first bike?
Big Wheel, called it the shocker, 1 wheel up front 2 in the back. Nuff said

Perhaps most importantly, what is your favorite Oskar Blues beer?
Dale's Pale Ale

Anything we forgot to ask?

Q: Do you ever plan to grow and handlebar moustache and brew exclusively sours?

A: No, fuck that shit.

Q: Whats your favorite movie?

A: Obviously its Thrashin'

How can we learn more about you?
Instagram: @iamdennisdb