Travis Widdifield


How long have you worked at Oskar Blues?
Since February 2013.

And what do you do here?
Soar like a raptor on the hood of the fastest Pontiac Fire Bird ever built offering the ultimate beer rapture from the mother ship. Paint the gospel that is Oskar Blues across the great state of Oregon and also the metropolis of Vancouver Washington and beyond. To solve problems better than Angus MacGuyver and sing more pure than a bird about the benefits of Oskar Blues and why a simple choice could easily change your life. Share the wealth of good living through selfless acts of courage and devotion to our fellow man, woman, child and dog. To walk, lead, mentor and stand tall with our team mates in the wholesaler world. Minimize problems and achieve a better tomorrow. Preach the beautiful word of fresh quality beer to all that we come across. Thank the path we walk and push forward respectfully to understand the future that lies before us. To go where no one at OB has gone before. Spread this privilege known as Oskar Blues.

How about when you're not working?
Spend time with family, friends and my dog. Like to cook, camp, ride, slide make loud noises and explore. I also find time to build and fix many things.

Music. Who's your favorite band?
The Police

How about your first bike?
PK Ripper with mags and pads

Perhaps most importantly, what is your favorite Oskar Blues beer?
Old Chub

Anything we forgot to ask?
If I can ride a bicycle backwards without my hands while drinking a beer.