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Beer Release – Frozen Hell

April 1

Each year, we gather ‘round to spitball prank ideas for April Fool’s Day, and as usual, somebody inevitably suggests switching to BOTTLES—yes, bottles—at our brewery known for exclusively canning its creations for over 20 years.

Turns out, our brewers took this joke and ran with it, spending the past three years making the most complex, bottle conditioned fruited brett beers imaginable. They brewed a golden lager, aged it on oak for 21 months, then on 3 seperate fruits for another 6.

We thought hell would freeze over before we ever made this announcement, but we’re excited to introduce our fancy, fruited, and downright funky FROZEN HELL series of bottled beers!

Believe it or not, this is no joke. Apricot is available now for $15 at our Longmont taproom, and we’ll be rolling out the peach and cherry variations, along with an unexpected surprise offering in the weeks ahead. Keep an eye on @oskarblueslongmont for updates & come get your hands on some before it’s gone!

Seriously though… It’s real. In bottles. On draft. Ready for the taking.